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Soundelity Products


Our eartips are customized to isolate desirable sounds, minimize unwanted ambient noises, as well as provide superior comfort and fit specific to your headset design or target consumer. Our universal products are designed to be compatible with iPods headsets, and a number of earbud or inear headsets in the retail markets. This could offer you the versatility of applying the same eartip to your multiple product platform.

Ear Cushions

Consumer safety is our Number One priority. Our polyurethane-based cushion materials are all non-allergenic and have passed stringent skin sensitivity tests. For over 30 years, millions of people around the world have used our Howard Leight® protectors safely and comfortably for sound isolation. Your customer’s experience will be no different. We will work with you to engineer these cushions to meet your specific requirements, including dimensions, geometries, softness and expansion recovery rate.